Pastoral Council


What is the Pastoral Council? 

A parish pastoral council is the chief consultative body to the pastor. Consultation is a sharing of wisdom which enables the parish to carry out its mission. Under the direction of our Pastor, the pastoral council discerns issues that impact the lives of parishioners; prays, studies, and discusses those issues; and recommends practical ways of addressing them.

Selecting new leaders to serve the Parish Pastoral Council is an important moment in the life of the community. Pastoral Council members are called upon to reflection the life of the Parish in light of the mission of the Church and to assist the Pastor in bringing greater life and vibrancy to the parish.

If you are interested in being a part of the Pastoral Council, please contact Father John Putnam at


Former Council Chairs

1998 - 1999  Christopher Cusick
1999 - 2000  Pattie Fulford
2000 - 2001  Tom Cotter
2001 - 2002  Tom Grogan
2002 - 2003  Claudette Kaveler
2003 - 2004  David Hains
2004 - 2005  George Welsch
2005 - 2006  Ben Liuzzo
2006 - 2007  Lou Agosto
2007 - 2009  Tom Donahue
2009 - 2010  Eileen Gallagher
2010 - 2011  Kim Antolini
2011 - 2012  Chuck Chrimes
2012 - 2013  Marianne Bottoms
2013 - 2014  Jane Flyke
2014 - 2016  Larry Hauser
2016 - 2017  David Spaedy
2017 - 2019  John Benson


Council Members 2019-2020

John Benson (Chair)
Term Expires 2019
Wojtek Lachowski (Vice Chair)

Term Expires 2019
Lisa Daily (Secretary)

Term Expires 2020
Josh McCormick

Term Expires 2019
Eric Smith
Term Expires 2020
David Balmaceda
Term Expires 2021

Jim Burger
Term Expires 2021

Phillip Weaver
Term Expires 2022

Suzanne Broda
Term Expires 2022

David Liberto
Term Expires 2022

Emilio Gomez


Pastor Vision Statement January 2017

Pastoral Council Adoration Schedule Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council Documents

Pastoral Council Constitution Pastoral Council Mission and Vision Pastoral Council Member Responsibilities 
Pastoral Council Administrative Guidelines Pastoral Council Protocols  


Previous Pastoral Plan Documents 

2004 St. Mark Parish Profile  
2012 Strategic Plan Summary 2012 Eye on the Future Brochure



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