Parish History

Parish History

First Mass, June 1 1997

On May 16, 1997, Bishop William G. Curlin announced the establishment of St. Mark Parish in Huntersville, NC, with Reverend Monsignor Joseph A. Kerin as Pastor.  The Parish included Huntersville, Cornelius and Davidson.  Masses began at Northcross Lanes (bowling alley) on June 1, 1997.  The Rectory and Office were at the corner of Ranson Road and Stumptown Road.  The first Mass was attended by 1100 people, including 250 families.  Four months later there were 600 registered families and an average of 1300 worshippers. Outgrowing the bowling alley, the Church then moved the Sunday Masses to Davidson College, and held Saturday evening Masses at Huntersville United Methodist Church.

Groundbreaking for the Family Center Building began on March 7, 1999. The Family Center Building was complete and the Dedication took place in February 2000.  The Dedication Mass was presided over by then-Bishop Curlin, Monsignor Kerin, and then-Father Jugis. Four children were also baptized that day.

The first Vacation Bible School took place in July 2000, and the Preschool opened in September 2001.

On May 23, 2002, ground was broken for St. Mark School, located at the back of the campus. The school opened in August 2003 as part of the Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS) serving grades K-8.

Monsignor Kerin retired in July 2003, celebrating his last Mass as Pastor on July 6, 2003. He was succeeded by Father Mark Lamprich.  The Family Center was renamed the Monsignor Joseph A. Kerin Center, and dedicated on September 28, 2003.

Monsignor Kerin passed away in April 2014.

Monsignor Richard Bellow became Pastor in July 2004 and began the Capital Campaign for a new Sanctuary in November 2005. Groundbreaking for the new Church building began on April 25, 2008, the Feast of St. Mark. The new Church building was completed in September 2009.  The Dedication Mass, led by Bishop Jugis, retired Bishop Curlin, and Monsignor Bellow, took place on August 23, 2009.

Monsignor Bellow began Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in the Church Chapel on May 1, 2011.  The Chapel was later renamed the Monsignor Richard Bellow Adoration Chapel.

Monsignor Bellow retired in July 2013, and Father Roger Arnsparger became the new Pastor.

Father Arnsparger was moved to St. John in Tryon, NC, in June 2014, and Father John Putnam became Pastor.

In 2015, the Monsignor Richard Bellow Chapel was renovated, and was reopened in August 2015.

St. Mark now has over 5,000 families and 85 active Ministries.

We have been blessed with many wonderful priests and deacons over the years.

Reverend Monsignor Joseph Kerin, Pastor (1997, 2003)

Reverend Peter Jugis, In Residence (1999)

Reverend David Brzoska, Parochial Vicar (2000)

Reverend Mr. Adrian Porras, Deacon (2001)

Reverend Christopher Roux, Parochial Vicar (2002)

Reverend Mark Lamprich, Pastor (2003)

Reverend Monsignor Richard Bellow, Pastor (2004)

Reverend Timothy Reid, Parochial Vicar (2004)

Reverend Mr. Louis Pais, Deacon (2004)                       

Reverend Dr. Ronald Sherwood, Deacon (2004)

Reverend Tien Duong, Parochial Vicar (2005)

Reverend Mr. Robert Murphy, Deacon (2006)

Reverend James Stuhrenberg, Parochial Vicar (2006)

Reverend Patrick Hoare, Parochial Vicar (2007)

Reverend Brandon Jones, Parochial Vicar (2009)

Reverend David Miller, Parochial Vicar (2010)

Reverend Mr. Edwin Rodriguez, Deacon (2010)

Reverend Matthew Codd, Parochial Vicar (2012)

Reverend Mr. Thomas McGahey (2012)

Reverend Mr. Richard McCarron (2013)

Reverend Roger Arnsparger, Pastor (2013)

Reverend Paul McNulty, Parochial Vicar (2014)

Very Reverend John Putnam, Pastor (2014)

Reverend Nohe Torres, Parochial Vicar (2015)

Reverend Miguel Ubillus, Parochial Vicar (2015)

Reverend Cory Catron, Parochial Vicar (2016)

Reverend Noah Carter, Parochial Vicar (2017)

Reverend Brian Becker, Parochial Vicar (2017)

Reverend Alfonso Gamez, Parochial Vicar (2019)

Reverend Melchesideck Yumo, Parochial Vicar (2020)

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