Edge Youth Ministry

EDGE Youth Ministry

What is EDGE?

Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program. It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. Edge resources speak to the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth.

At St. Mark, Edge middle school youth ministry is ordinarily where Confirmation Preparation takes place.

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What makes EDGE different from a classroom faith formation model?

Edge is a youth ministry model, meaning that it is all about relationships. There are no textbooks, instead there is a teaching done by the EDGE youth minister or an engaging video. Middle school youth are in large group and small group settings where they are able to create relationships with their peers and small group leaders, known as CORE members.

What is the format of the EDGE program?

Each Edge night follows the same four-part format, no matter what the topic may be; the format is as follows:

  1. Gather: All youth arrive in the meeting space and go to their small groups. There is some sort of game, either in their small groups or as a large group to introduce the topic for the night and for them to get to know each other better. This helps to break down barriers and set the tone for a night that is fun and engaging.
  2. Proclaim: This is where the teaching happens. The Edge youth minister will present the topic for the night in a way that grabs the attention of the youth and helps them to relate the faith to their own lives. Video resources will also be used that are designed for their age group.
  3. Break: The youth go into their small groups to break open the topic and discuss the importance of it in their own lives and have a chance to share what they think about the topic or what questions they may have. This is truly the “heart” of the Edge program; the youth get to build relationships with their peers and their CORE members during this time and know that they are in a safe, open space to discuss their faith and their lives.
  4. Send: All groups come back together in the large group space to engage in some form of prayer. This could be a time of praise and worship, Adoration, petitions, the Rosary, any form of prayer that leads the youth into a deeper relationship with Christ and sends them out to be disciples.

Faith Formation Links:

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To volunteer as a CORE member, contact Emily Hogan at

For detailed information on Confirmation Preparation at St. Mark, click here.

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