SONday FUNday

SONday FUNday is a program for children ages 3 thru Kindergarten.  First Grade and older should be attending Faith Formation classes and Mass.  The classes are designed to bring Scripture alive by engaging all five of their senses through hands-on learning, songs, finger plays, games, and activities connecting them to Jesus through Bible stories from the Old and New Testament.  The program is based on the weekly Gospel and readings, and allows parents to more actively participate in Mass.  

The Program is available for the 9:00 am and 11:00 am Sunday Masses.  Parents will drop off their children in the Kerin Family Center in the Preschool Hall prior to Mass, and return for pickup at the end of Mass.  We look forward to meeting your children!

SONday FUNday will not be available on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter Sunday, the Sundays before and after Thanksgiving, and the week before Christmas and the week between Christmas and New Years.

We need volunteers for both teacher and assistant teacher positions!   
For more information, please contact Emily Bixler at, or sign up at

Children must be 3 years old and potty trained to be eligible.
Otherwise they will go into the extended nursery for toddlers.


SONday FUNday will be closed until the Mass dispensation is lifted. 
We will advertise when we begin again.


Policies & Procedures

Security Procedures  

Certain procedures are in place to ensure the safety of your child.  Parents are asked to sign in, and the same parent is asked to pick up.  This method helps to make sure the children are released only to their parents:

  • Do NOT drop off your child in the classroom earlier than 15 minutes before the hour.  The St. Mark Safe Environment Procedure states children may not be left in the classroom before this time since the teachers are in and out as they prepare for their class.
  • As each child arrives, the child’s parent is asked to sign in.
  • When SONday School is over, please be patient as the children are released one at a time. The teacher must ensure that children are picked up by the parent that dropped them off.
  • Children will NOT be released to another adult or sibling.

Should your child need you during class, we will let you know.  We will text you during Mass if you are needed.  In most cases however, it is a matter of adjusting to the new classroom and they usually do much better after you leave. Being consistent in bringing them to class will help them adjust as they learn this is part of their normal routine.

Teachers and Volunteers

Your assistance will be appreciated in helping us adhere to these policies for the safety and well-being of all children. If you are asked to assist with your child’s class because the teachers are not able to attend due to an unforeseen absence, we hope that you will assist. All teachers and Volunteers will have had the required Safe Environment Training and background checks.
Please remember SONday FUNday Teachers and Coordinators are volunteers who have given of their time and talent to share their faith and teach the stories from the Bible with your child. Please help them to make this an enjoyable year for your child and give the Teachers your support and feedback.

Well Child Policy

As the season changes so does the climate for contagious diseases. Young children are very susceptible to colds, flu and other diseases.  We want to help eliminate these concerns as much as possible. This requires that our classrooms have the healthiest environment possible. The best way to prevent illness is to prevent exposure. The purpose of this letter is to help our teachers and parents work together to provide a healthy environment.
The following is the St. Mark SONday FUNday Well-Child Policy. We will work to adhere to this policy for the safety and well-being of all the children. 

Please keep your child at home if any of the following has occurred within the last 24 hours: 

  • Green or yellow running nose
  • Excessive coughing
  • Questionable Rash
  • Any communicable disease

A quick health check will be conducted when you bring your child to the classroom. A child will not be admitted if any of the symptoms above are present.

  • If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he or she should have received the treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to class.
  • Should your child become ill or is accidentally hurt while in the classroom, we will notify you promptly via a text message. Please have your phone on vibrate.
  • No medicine should be left with the child. Medication should only be administered by the parents as we are not trained nor equipped to handle this situation for a one hour class. (Epi Pens should be handed directly to the teacher  from the parent and is the only exception to the meds policy). 

Classroom Etiquette

Toys – Please leave these items at home or in your car since they are not part of the lesson. Any toys used in the classroom will be appropriate to reinforce the lesson.
Food – Food is only allowed for class parties. If your child needs the nourishment, please make sure to feed them before class. We will let you know ahead of time when food is served and what we are serving for those who are allergic.
Bathroom – It would be very helpful if you could have your child go with you and use the bathroom before class begins. This will greatly assist the student and teachers who otherwise are taken away from the lesson.
Pick up - Please come pick your child up as soon as possible after Mass. By picking your child up immediately after Mass it will allow the Teachers to have time with their families too.







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