Sacrament Preparation

Sacramental Preparation

Preparing to receive the sacraments is none other than drawing closer to the Heart of Jesus and strengthening our bonds with the Church. Our children are ordinarily baptized as infants, begin confessing anf receiving the Eucharist around age 7, and then are confirmed at the end of their 8th grade year, completing their initiation as members of the Church. These sacraments are objective moments of grace and divine life along a steady and consistent path of growth in their relationship with Jesus. As the parents and family members continually pass on the faith through word and deed, the parish assists the parents through preparing the children for the reception of each sacrament.

Whether your child is preparing for First Reconciliation, First Communion, or Confirmation, find the information you will need to know below. If you are an adult who desires to prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony, click here.

First Reconciliation and First Communion
What is Reconciliation?
What is Eucharist?

Sacramental Preparation for Catholic School Students

Confirmation I, II, and III
What is Confirmation?

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children, Teens, and Adults
What is RCIA?


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