Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation

St. Mark Catholic Church is pleased to use a three-year preparation process for Confirmation which engages young men and women through youth ministry, according to the policies of the Diocese of Charlotte. A three-year process has the advantage of allowing catechists, sponsors, and parents to draw our youth closer to Christ as they prepare for full initiation into the Church through Confirmation. The three-year preparation process ordinarily begins after a child's completion of their fifth grade year of Faith Formation, and consists in a period of remote preparation (catechetical instruction) and proximate preparation (spiritual and liturgical preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation). This process takes place within our Edge Middle School Youth Ministry or within our Fidelis and Fraternus programs (for those attending Catholic schools and enrolled in approved homeschool programs).

While the catechesis and intellectual formation of Catholic school students and those enrolled in Homeschool faith formation is essential, it is not a substitute for involvement in parish life and engagement in a community of peers through youth ministry. The parish life is the central place for proximate preparation before the conferral of the sacrament. 

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Depending on one's background in the Confirmation process, Confirmandi will be placed in either Confirmation I, Confirmation II, or Confirmation III.   Placement in the Confirmation process is not based on academic progress. Ordinarily, however, Confirmation I, II, and III correlates to the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, respectively.  

Confirmation I and II

Confirmation I and II (ordinarily grade levels 6 and 7) fulfill the aforementioned period of remote preparation. Candidates are provided opportunities to review Church doctrine and teaching, turn to God in prayer and bear witness to the faith, and worship. 


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Confirmation III

Confirmation III (ordinarily grade level 8) fulfills the proximate or immediate period of preparation. Candidates are provided the same opportunities as above, yet their focus will be centered on spiritual and liturgical preparation of the sacrament. 

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