Confirmation Preparation

The Sacrament of Confirmation is the final sacrament of Christian initiation in the Catholic Church.  The reception of this sacrament is "necessary for the completion of baptismal grace."  Due to the importance of this Sacrament, candidates must be "properly disposed" and "prepared through proper evangelization and catechetical instruction, in accordance with the norms laid down by the competent authority." 

Saint Mark Catholic Church utilizes a long-term Confirmation process that is available to those who have completed their ffith grade of faith formation.  The Confirmation Process consists of two periods: the period of remote preparation, which includes catechetical instruction and the proximate or immediate period, which consists of spiritual and liturgical preparation. 

Due to the fact that all preparation for the celebration of Confirmation is to be held within the parish community, it must be noted that the context for Confirmation preparation is within youth ministry. Although faith development and education take place in families and schools, the parish remains the ordinary and primary locus of liturgical preparation and sacramental preparation.

Depending on one's background in the Confirmation process, Confirmandi will be placed in either Confirmation I, Confirmation II, or Confirmation III. 

Confirmation I and II

Confirmation I and II fulfill the aformentioned period of remote preparation. Candidates are provided opportunities to review Church doctrine and teaching, turn to God in prayer and bear witness to the faith, worship, and work actively with their peers to spread the Gospel through service.

Confirmation III

Confirmation III fulfills the proximate or immediate period of preparation. Candidates are provided the same opportunities as above, yet their focus will be centered on spiritual and liturgical preparation of the sacrament. 

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